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やったー!ラッキーじゃん! いや、よく考えたらそうでもない? あれれ? 結局運がいいのか悪かったのか? なんて、エピソードを書いてみよう。 そうしよう(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

coming up on the sacramental LSD the body and blood of new gods and new religions | pentagrams drawn banishings completed paisley shirt nickerbacker short arm chelsea boots | his number 9 the number of ganesh the god who breaks down obstacles scent of jasmine need of lennon number 9 more popular than Jesus | summon the godhead | his head revolving | space opens like an eye | the head assembles condenses me of music visible music harpsichord shivering liquid noise | buddha gong universal harmonics | monastery acoustic hiss and drone | fade up volume on monks chanting backwards static hum of the big bang | godhead made of living music | enter the lennonhead soundscapes digital clatter of revolving prayerwheels | mantrasonics mantra mantra walls made of mantra walls made of mantra and skin and hair of mantra | magical mystery maze of floral circuitry | looking glass language reverb red in the red room of the head | revolving head revolver neon gunblast of numbers and noise | fizzing shertbertstorms of light particles | bumper tilt eggman hologram blizzard | the head the oracle head speaks in rhyming sounds hammerchime fuzztone piano | let me take you down | say the word | it is not dying | be reborn be light go and come again | rise from the grave of himself | bonny jock lennon is did and goon | it is not dying | the boy born again beautiful boy beautiful boy | it is not dying ~ The Invisibles - Grant Morrison

Punk's not dead But It just deserves to die When it becomes another stale cartoon A close-minded, self-centered social club Ideas don't matter It's who you know The joy and hope of an alternative Have become its own cliché A hairstyle's not a lifestyle Imagine Sid Vicious at 35 What's ripped us apart even more than drugs Are the thieves and the goddamn liars Ripping people off when they share their stuff When someone falls are there any friends? Walk tall, act small Only as tough as gang approval Unity is bullshit When it's under someone's fat boot -DK ============================== Anarquista convencida, deista agnostica y amante de la filosofia. Dibujante, Herpetocultora, Enfermera Veterinaria especialista en animales Exóticos y amante de los deportes ecuestres. Malhumorada, categórica, idealista, desfasada, de tendencias violentas, punkarra y (por si fuera poco) Géminis.