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Photo #1 from Weirton, United States by Adam Orion made on 2018-10-20 02:55 for Sola

Heart ablaze.

Shimmering hazel eyes, kind and beautiful, gaze deeply into my own.

Hope simmering.

Locks of luxuriant hair, abundant and wavy, flowing over neck and shoulders in cyclonic whirling waves.

Scent of lilac, so sweet and becoming.

That smile, so alluring, so melancholy, unsure yet knowing; flashed brightly to set my world alight.

Holy fire filled my breast with newness and meaning and power.

A fresh, vibrant genius entered into my mind, infused by her spirit, by my bewitching and powerful muse.

Loving gaze turned upon me, from the author of my heart’s salvation.


Veil of despair, ripped away by a sudden and glorious light.

Dead eyes, flooded back to life under the brilliance of a thousand angels shining.

Holy and sublime transfiguration, away rolled the stone that sealed my tomb.

In an instant she had me.

Every part of me became a part of her; mind, soul, heart, and flaming passion.

Her dreams became my ambitions.

Her fears became my courage.

Our hopes and powers fused for all time from the first loving glance.

Joined again we were, from the shadowy epochs of the most ancient and distant past,

Bound in endless joy, from the moment that we first leapt gloriously and blindly into this dizzying dance of infinite life.

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United States, Weirton
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