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Why We Should All Buy Dogecoin…Today!

All cryptocurrency, including Dogecoin, is based on an algorithm that makes it impossible to tamper with, steal or lose track of a transaction. It is virtual money, money that can't be stolen, and it can be traded between individuals without relying on banks or credit card companies who charge us fees and interest to move our money for us.

If I had a Bitcoin for example, or a portion of one, I could send any or all of it to any of you by text or email; then you could turn around and use it to buy something on the internet with it. No delays, no fees, no interest and no risk.

With cash, on the other hand, I would have to go to Western Union or to a bank where you have an account and wire you the money. They would charge me to send the money to you or charge you to pick it up.

But with cryptocurrency I can send it to you by text or email and you get every penny of it's value…AND…it's impossible to lose track of it or have it stolen!

Dogecoin is especially easy to own, it's only worth about half a penny a piece, you could own hundreds of thousands of 'coins' and use them to buy things on the internet without giving out any financial info at all.

If Amazon starts accepting Dogecoin it could quickly become the official internet currency, and anyone who had the foresight to buy a million coins at the half a cent that it is now would find themselves millionaires, because it's value could jump to a dollar a coin almost overnight.

Thousands of websites already take Dogecoin as a form of payment as an alternative to debit or credit cards.

Anyone could buy a million coins for less than $4500 and if Dogecoin ever reached a dollar a coin, that person is a millionaire. That's how so many Bitcoin owners became millionaires overnight. They bought it for a nickel a piece and now one Bitcoin is worth almost $7000!

Dogecoin could become the next Bitcoin!

That is why I own Dogecoin.

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