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What is true love?

Love is the feeling of attraction and admiration towards someone, or something, and can be seen as the love of chemistry between the two, and it is known that the body secretes the hormone oxytocin known as the hormone beloved during the meeting between them. Linguistic love is known to contain the meanings of gram, tuna, and vegetable seeds.

All of us felt love at some point in our lives, as poets wrote about it, and the singers sang it, and did their own work to find, express and preserve love. But what is love? where is that? What motivates these feelings? What really happens in our minds and bodies when we fall in love with traps? Although it is difficult to find a definition of romantic love, we know that it involves the creation of a strong emotional bond (affectionately defined), sexual attraction and attention to the partner. Lovers feel strong emotions such as exotic thoughts, emotional dependence and energy increase, but these strong emotions may be limited to the early stages of the emotional relationship. For example, statistics show that the proportion of people in the United States who accept a marriage does not love does not exceed 5%, while this figure rises to 50% in Pakistan.

Linguistic definition of love:

Love is taken from love The group of grains is the door of the thing and its origin. Because the heart is the origin of the human entity and its heart, the repository of love and its treasury.

Technical definition of love:

Love is the art of treating a person lovingly and lovingly. This art, as in all arts, is accomplished through skillful performance, observation experience, study and training. The goal of the art of love is to create and lay rules for a happy life with your loved ones.

Definition of the behavioral economy of the meaning of love:

True love can be defined as a special case of stock theory. The person invests emotionally, accepts his investment, and re-invests him with an emotional return. Interest may be less than one or more investments.

Definition of neuroscience for love:

Love is an incomprehensible neurological equation, perhaps an electrical phenomenon. It is known that the body secretes the hormone oxytocin known as "hormone lovers" during the meeting between lovers. The researchers concluded that neuronal circuits that are normally associated with social assessment of other people stop working when a person is in love. These findings may explain why some people ignore their loved ones' mistakes, the researchers said.

Definition of religious scholars:

We take here the definition of Judge Ayad, who wrote an introduction on love when he spoke about the love of the Prophet peace be upon him: "The origin of the passion of love to the reconciliation of the beloved

Ibn al-Qayyim says in the love of God: "Love is the corner of the greatest worship. The worship is based on three pillars: love, fear and hope." He also says that love is the constant inclination of the heart and the altruistic love of all loved ones. And upset the wishes of the beloved and scattered some of your crime, and the independence of many of your obedience and the fall of all love of the heart except love beloved.

Definition of love when philosophers:

Plato sees that love, in which there is no exchange of interests or benefits, is true love, which is called Platonic love, a love that does not depend on lust or desire.

Definition of love when the book:

No one died of love except on stage "English writer and poet Dryden"

True love like a few ghosts who saw him "French La Rochefuco"

Often a love that disappears a disaster "by author George Sand

Love is then a woman enters her heart, but the man who breaks his heart without permission, this is humiliating (Bernard Shaw)

If a woman likes to do much, I have talked a bit (Ali Murad)

Love is blind and lovers do not see the folly they commit (Shakespeare) "

Definition of love when poets:

Perhaps love is the most common theme for poets' pens, and every poet has a love of his own point of view according to the lover and the environment. This is the poetry that is sung with the love of no return to those who write verses of heaven in obscene love. So it is better to say that the poets agreed that they do not agree with the meaning of love.

Definition of love when psychologists:

Love is a physiological feeling that affects a person's behavior, possibly positive or negative, an inner thing that arises in the same person and controls the organs and senses.

Definition of love:

Everyone has the right to have his own definition of love, what about you, what is your definition of love?

Some signs of true love:

True love is based on psychological comfort between the two parties and the skype

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