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Photo #1 from Rengasdengklok, Indonesia by Amriadi Al Masjidiy made on 2018-10-27 15:11 for Sola

Last night, I accompanied my friends at the Atjeh Seurantau Youth Team (PAS) to enjoy Aceh M Alawi's noodle dish located in front of the Da'wah Council Training Center, Jl. Kp. Bulu Setiamekar Tambun Bekasi.On this occasion, we are not discussing blockchain development and others. Here we discuss Aceh noodles and about the marriage of my friend named Al-Ayubi.

Al Mardawi's Aceh noodles have just been opened, so we students who rarely enjoy Acehnese noodles are of course enthusiastic about visiting this traditional Acehnese restaurant.In addition to Acehnese noodles, various kinds of coffee and other Acehnese foods are also available. On this occasion, we also discussed making Acehnese noodles and connecting with marijuana in Aceh.

Photo #2 from Rengasdengklok, Indonesia by Amriadi Al Masjidiy made on 2018-10-27 15:11 for Sola

"How can the Peugeot Acehnese noodles be warm and delicious. How to be able to cook cannabis, bro, surely it won't get drunk, hahaha" explained Al-Ayyubi.We laughed and laughed with other friends. We in Aceh Seurantau have increased continuously from various parts of Aceh who study in Bekasi.In addition to taking care of Acehnese noodles, which are not good, we also discuss our partner's party. We also compiled wedding arrangements, donations, and also shared tasks to make our friends' events that also work at PT. Hadaida IndonesiaThis was the first post visit to ACeh AL Mardawi noodles. Hopefully, in the future, this Aceh noodle will be our hangout to discuss blockchain and cryptocurrrency issues and other online media. []

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Indonesia, Rengasdengklok
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