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A Hierarchy is a system or organization in which individuals or groups of individuals are ranked one above the other according to status or authority. Most schools of Anarchist thought argue that all hierarchies are unethical and should be abolished altogether.


Well, their Anarchist theories are all heavily rooted in Egalitarianism which means they believe that most (if not all) imbalance of power is oppressive and therefore unethical. As far as my understanding goes I believe the reasoning behind their use of Egalitarian ethics is that Egalitarian philosophy puts forth the stance that Equality is the natural state of society. This implies that "natural" is "ethical" and if Equality is natural then Equality is also ethical. From this train of thought, it can then be deduced that the opposite of Equality is also the opposite of ethical or in other words, "Inequality is unethical". Hierarchies in any form are made of people with differentiating amounts of power in that group so since they don't all have the same amount of power (Inequality) then they are unethical and must be abolished.

I'm not an egalitarian type of anarchist though so if I am wrong than please let me know.

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There are all kinds of problem if this is the theory of how egalitarian anarchism works. Hierarchies are the natural order. I thinks that's been demonstrated by human history, genetics, and biology. Also, the presumption that the natural order is best is an assumption. Humans have been working against the natural order and basically taken over the planet, been to the moon, and sent robots to Mars. They might have another basis.
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Tell me that when your children want sovereignty....
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GiantManInSky, do you have hierarchy in your home?
Hanover Fiste, I have roommates and only one of us is on the lease so yeah I guess. I feel like you think I'm an egalitarian anarchist and I must tell you that I'm not.
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GiantManInSky, just making the point that hierarchy isn't necessarily a bad thing. It can be abused just like anything else.
I think this is a basic idea that has merit, but it doesn’t quite make its case. Hierarchy exists in nature (wolf packs, for example) and in any given human group there will be some form of leadership even if the group is mostly equal - like you and your roommates. There’s nothing wrong with that, as we choose to form societies, there will be people who are better at this or that, and they will lead those tasks. I think the idea of abolishing vast imbalances of power is more likely the aim of those who subscribe to this theory.
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I agree with you. It has merit in the sense that it's thought provoking, and reminds us not to blindly follow a leader (unless you're in the military) but I wouldn't try to promote a society with no hierarchy.
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