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The Voluntarist spirit is an attitude of mind or a sense of life, if you will, which animates those engaged in the struggle for the recognition of self-ownership rights and the demise of the State. It is the passionate disinterested love of justice for its own sake, regardless of the consequences which the struggle brings to one personally. It is a knowledge that if one takes care of the means that the end will take care of itself. It is an understanding that the morality and principles of voluntary interaction with other self-owners is the only practical manner of living life upon this earth. It is an epistemological rejection of violence, a knowledge that coercion can never rationally convince. Come what will, wherever the chips may fall, voluntaryism seeks the perfect way but it differs from other philosophies of life in seeking it with utter disinterestedness. Right means are an end in themselves, their own reward.

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Just FYI, since you've asked me a lot of questions... I love the philosophy. I'm an anarchist at heart. I don't like the idea of anyone being over me and my life. Even if there's a consensus. There was a consensus over blacks when there were slaves. It was a democratic decision. I don't think anyone should be over anyone. It makes me sick to think someone or a group who can make decisions for me. But on the other hand, I can't see living under mob rule, when one person wrongs another and punishment is handed down based on the emotion (you broke in, violated my home, and stole my wedding ring, therefore I'm going to kill your children). You never know what a demented individual might do if the law was in their own hands. What if you accidentally injured your neighbors kid with your car, and they decided your kid should have his arm cut off. Now you have a feud that could last generations. Remember the McCoys and Hatfields? Now, what if there was a small government, but was only by subscription. What if the Hatfields subscribed, but the McCoys didn't. How would their feud be addressed? This is difficult to navigate, isn't it?
What do you mean by mob rule first off? and secondly have you ever actually read anything about Voluntarism and Anarcho Capitalism besides just some exerpts online? And really, just because something is "difficult to navigate" doesn't mean that it isn't viable.
Hanover Fiste
GiantManInSky, no I haven't, just what I've learned from you, and a few others. I know there are different flavors of anarchism, but I haven't bothered to memorize the details and differences, simply because I can't fully subscribe. As I said in my heart I buy into almost all of them, especially pure and simple anarchy, but I can't see how it could really work. If you have an issue with my response, I'm open minded, and wouldn't mind exploring some of the nuances you're speaking of. Let's put it in the perspective of the McCoys, and see how it could have played out differently.
Justice as a foundation is shaky. Its arbitrary. And you're human, so you are driven by happiness, like everyone else.
Tyler Anderson
Morality should have no power over the individual or their actions
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