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what do you guys think of this?

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United States, Bandera
Myname Jeff
They are in there because they broke the law. However this is very close to slavery and isn't right
Hanover Fiste
It's voluntary
Myname Jeff
Hanover Fiste, how is it voluntary? They a required to work they don't have a choice
Hanover Fiste
Myname Jeff, I'll comment t below so I won't have to type it twice.
B Samson [WildFyre]
Myname Jeff, if they want to buy crap at the commissary they work for it. It's called real life. Not everything is handed to you by Mommy and Daddy.
B Samson [WildFyre], you do know that he's talking about prison right?
B Samson [WildFyre]
GiantManInSky, yep.
Tyler Anderson
GiantManInSky, be careful dealing with brock, apparently not liking something makes him assume you have some direct connection with it. He is probably getting ready to assume that youre in prison, if his recent comments reflect his actual thought process
Hanover Fiste
It will be heard by millions....not... I think they should make minimum wage, but also pay for their room and board. Oops they would make even less! Their work is always voluntary. That's a big deal with anarcho capitalists, right? Voluntary.
How is it voluntary?
Hanover Fiste
GiantManInSky, holy shit, I didn't know the 13th amendment allows this. It doesn't even have to be paid. I just remembered years ago, they ended prison inmates making license plates for the states, because it was "cruel and unusual" and "slavery" so that was the end of it in my mind. Ever since then I thought of penal labor as like getting a prison job. . I just googled it and changed my mind....
Activist Goat
Pro Creator
If they ever want to get back in society, it’s a good thing they spend their time working in stead of staring at walls, numbing their brains. I think I would prefer to work, even for nothing.
I agree. I'd rather work than state at 4 walls.
B Samson [WildFyre]
Many institutions are setup like high schools. Metal shops, wood shops, electrical shops etc so while "working" they can be learning how to make an actual living as well as producing stuff. Some prisons sell items they make inside, furniture, tools, dairy and farm products etc.
The way a society treats their prisoners you can see the level of their civilization
Rufus Kohn
What are they striking for? More income? Less workload? Nicer color jumpsuits?
Sanitized beads
Rufus Kohn
Hyde, Bert strike worthy cause
Simply Epic
I’d say it’s fine if they have to do some work, but I think it should only be part time, and that the rest of the time they should be getting an education.
B Samson [WildFyre]
Many times it is one and the same.
Simply Epic, for many vocational training might be the best way to go.
Infidel Castro
It costs more than the average person makes in a year to provide for each prisoner. I don't see an issue
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