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The eldest son of Haji Shakoor Sahib says that my belief was raised in democracy since 1988.

He said that it is the matter of these days when one and my other siblings were sitting together with Ami Abu on Thursday, that Aba Jan asked us all: Beware, let your uncle go home tomorrow. Or house of mama's brother.

All of us brothers and sisters told us to go to uncle's house very much, but the opinion of Ami was to go to Mama's brother house.

The majority was demanding and the opinion was determined that uncle's house has to go. Ami's stand was lost. Aba Jan also heard the decision to go to uncle's house in respect of our opinion. All of us are delighted to go to uncle's uncle's house.

At the morning on the morning, Ami cover dripping hairs with a towel, and barely pressed her lips and told us to change clothes quickly, we are going home to your mothers brother.

I looked at father, who was actively reading a newspaper reading paper. I kept poor hair mouth tight.

Simply, I have learned from the same day that the majority of democracy, the majority of the opinion of the opinion and the respect of the vote, is one more than one. The actual decisions are at the closing rooms when the poor people are sleeping

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