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my travels
I work as a guide and I can show you a lot of interesting. / Привіт із України!

■映画「司祭」 「司祭」(アントニア・バード監督)は、時が経っても色褪せない力作だ。多くの人に見てもらいたい作品。同性愛者の司祭というタブーに挑戦しただけでなく、生活の中からにじみ出てくるユーモアや多彩な人物を配しつつ、教会の権威主義、近親相姦・児童虐待というシリアスなテーマを巧みに折り込んだ。

Tarantula keeper, MET associate for a major retailer (NOT Wal Mart) and writer. I am currently working on a YA novel and love researching and learning new things. I joined plag for its ability to share/gain information from all over the world. I like the idea of not having followers because that situation narrows the pool of information one can receive. I am not here to be an ass hole. Since I do have a life and job outside of the Internet, I spare little time and effort debating those who simply wish to spread misery and insult. I am not perfect. My vision is crappy and my memory is failing due to some health issues. Even though I am a writer, my spelling and grammar aren't the best unless I am working. Plus I'm not as critical of my typing skills on any social media platform. I'm glad to be here and look forward to seeing some great cards. I really look forward to all there is to learn from the world, and hope to add something of value here as well.