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What Crypto Winter? It’s Perfectly Sunny for Luno with 40 New Jobs OpenBitcoin tumbled to a 15-month low today. Ethereum has all-but petered out. Heavyweights like ConsenSys are laying off staff, and many ICO startups are running out of cash before launching their products. You have to admit, things don’t look particularly good from any angle.

But while crypto investors are getting used to bracing before they open their eyes in the morning, the team at Luno remains quietly confident. The company that claims to make buying crypto from your mobile easy will continue on its mission of “upgrading the world to a better financial system.” And they’re hiring 40 new employees at their offices around the globe to help them do it.

In an announcement on the company’s social media, they said:

“New year. New career. New you. We’re hiring in our offices all over the globe. Learn more about our different positions in Engineering, Customer Success, and Design.”

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