Halloween is a big event for many retailers, whether they’re seasonal pop-ups or eCommerce mainstays. And spending on the holiday looks like it’s going to break records this year.

That said, there may be a few shoppers drifting into the last week of October looking for some last-minute costume ideas. Lucky for them, Google Trends has suggestions.

The search firm is using its data to compile a sortable list of popular (and less popular) costumes across the U.S. Through a service called Frightgeist, results can be sorted by popularity and by region, so users can find out exactly how people are getting spooky from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon.

There’s even a “costume wizard” that lets users adjust and personalize suggested costumes to suit their tastes. They can specify their preferences along a “spookiness” axis, from terrifying to innocuous, and can also decide whether they want their suggestions to be more or less unique.

Not everyone wants to be the umpteenth Wonder Woman at the office Halloween party, although others might. And still more people like to keep it classic, with costume stalwarts like zombies or ninjas. Regardless of choice, there’s likely a pop-up nearby where consumers can finalize their last-minute purchases.

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