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I'm a bit bummed out. In the past couple months, a bunch of great venues across Greater Vancouver are closing or on the verge of it. Over the weekend, I posted about the closing of the first place I ever went drinking legally, Club 23 West aka The Hindenburg. I had been enjoying events there for about 14 years. Thankfully, the company that puts on the events I enjoy, Restricted Entertainment, will be pursuing other venues. But another venue they used, The Odyssey closed as well. The Odyssey had been resurrected in 2015 after shutting down around 2011 or so. It was an iconic gay bar that was eventually closed anew due to some naff insurance issues. Also Vancouver's only lesbian bar, Lick is closing. Finally, my and Ryan Reynolds' fav independent Vancouver movie theatre, the Rio, is fighting to raise money to buy itself from a developer. The Rio is where I go to watch all my fav nerd-lesque like The Empire Strips Back, midnight movies, Improv Against Humanity, Critical Hit Show (D 'n' D live improv), art house flicks and many other fun things. I mean Vancouver needs to be more than just Starbucks, over- priced cupboard-sized apartments and organic food stores. Vancouver is currently experiencing an affordable "housing crisis", but it's not like these developments are providing more than a token amount of that. It just bums me out. Ok, rant over. fingers crossed that the Rio raises enough money

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