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Smth inspirational,spirit-stirring.Things that make people start thinking✌

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like a salamander, I walk around and eat leaves, call me the salad manager, I'll run your garden, take a few laps 3 times a day, maybe I'm more of a sloth or a panda, but if you imagine im walking around happy full of candor. yes, I do mean the cannabis, to be truthful, the reefer, ganja, I grow it in the garden in the yard and I told ya I'm in charge. like the ranch handler, imma mix it and I will stir it, and I'll store it. so that later I can explore it. I don't think I could ever be just a tourist. you see I live of the earth and I smoke with the worst. let me tell you right now I'm the ball handler and we on the pitch of life, so if you pass it to me nice I'll get this hat trick and win this game of life. I won't lie sometimes I'll miss it, but I try to be like a highlander, taken the high road, learning from my mistakes and moving forward, I hope people see me for my candor. I'm open and I'm honest, in control and self conscious.