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3 women and 1 dad brawl at a Zaxby’s in Florida

Good job dad! What's missing from the video are the alleged racial comments.

1:05 Dad puts woman in a chokehold to defend his little girl A brawl broke out at a restaurant in Eatonville, Florida, after “racist remarks” reportedly were exchanged between customers waiting in line. Punches were thrown between a father-daughter duo and two female friends. 1:22 Virginia's GOP pick salutes the Confederate flag and all it stands for The new GOP Senate candidate for Virginia, Corey Stewart, is not shy about showing his support for the Confederate flag. Footage from an "Old South Ball" event from 2017 shows Stewart praising the rebel army during his failed run for governor of Virginia.

1:16 'Psychic' pig's predictions have never been wrong Mystic Marcus is a pig from England who reportedly can predict the future with shocking accuracy. According to his owner, Marcus correctly called the election of Donald Trump and the outcome of the Brexit vote. 1:01 Horrifying Brooklyn man stalks Uber driver down dark, rainy street Bizarre video captured by an Uber driver in Brooklyn shows a man eerily block the driver's path and follow the car as it reverses down the street. Police officers eventually arrived and arrested the man, who did not react to their presence.

0:47 Man kicks poodle when it tries to walk on four legs Footage of a man in Malaysia seemingly kicking a dog to get it to walk upright has sparked accusations of animal abuse. The video was taken in a shopping mall, where other shoppers seem unaware of the violent behavior. 2:07 Real-life Barbie has 80L-cup sized breasts Paris Herms is known as the Real Barbie of Berlin and has over 200,000 followers on Instagram. She's spent over $53,000 on plastic surgery to make herself look like a doll — all because, she claims, she was bullied over her looks as a kid.

1:20 Driver flies through windshield after crashing into toll booth The Florida Highway Patrol released CCTV footage of a terrifying accident that sent a car's passenger flying through the windshield. Luckily, the man survived, along with all the other people in the vehicle. 1:11 Car theft suspect takes pet monkey along for the ride An alleged car thief was taken into custody along with his pet monkey, who clung to its owner as cops attempted to process him. Unfortunately, it was discovered that Cody Hession did not have the proper permit to own the pet, prompting authorities to permanently separate the duo.

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Happy Father's Day.
Good self control. I'm afraid I would have had to throat punch her. Violence begets violence and negates the gender difference.
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