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Data: 1.4K American Children Separated from Parents for Every One Separated at Border | Breitbart

I guess it's not really about the children after all with the lefts faux outrage.

For every one child border crosser separated from border crossing parents, there are 1,400 American children who are separated from their parents due to incarceration, data reveals. To date, President Trump’s administration “zero tolerance” policy at the southern border — strengthened by his recent executive order — has led to about 2,000 child border crossers being separated from the adults with whom they crossed. In many cases, these adults are the parents of the child border crossers, but in some circumstances, the children are being trafficked and smuggled across the border by illegal aliens looking to be released into the United States.

While the establishment media and Democrats have focused primarily on this tiny sample of child border crossers taken from the adults they traveled across the border with, the number of American children who have been separated from their parents is vastly higher. As noted by Rutgers University research, there are about 2.8 million American children who were separated from at least one of their incarcerated parents. This means that for every one child border crosser separated from their border crossing parent under Trump, there are about 1,400 American children separated from their parents because of incarceration.

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