Dear US people, in Belgium I often watch the tv show "pawn stars", about a pawn shop in las vegas. Is this 'reality' or not that much?

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Belgium, Leuven
Douglas E. Welch
Most reality shows are quite scripted and prepared. They might not write the actual words but situations are set up and contrived to look good and be funny, entertaining etc. Don't take them as truly slice of life moments.
It's a real place but I'm sure many parts are staged somewhat. As with most reality T V its not really reality in the US. It's TV!
Boaty McBoatfaceAuthor
Well, i don't mean if it's set up, but more like: if you have some object you want to sell, you instantly think about a pawn shop (and not some second hand website?), are there really people who buy this stuff in a pawn shop?
B Samson [WildFyre]
Scripted. Pawn shops will take used stuff pretty readily and resell it.
I bought a couple of Christmas presents in a pawn shop this year. Pawn shops (at least in Minnesota) are not very inexpensive. Generally a place people go to get fast money for tools, musical instruments, & jewelry. If I go into one (not very often) I may buy used DVD's, or video games.
If you need money you can take an item ti s ok pawn shop like jewelry or s TV or something with some value and either sell it usually for a lot lower than market value or borrow against it add collateral. If you don't pay the loan back the pawn shop then sells it and keeps the money.
Boaty McBoatfaceAuthor
Ok, so shopping at pawn shops (or selling them stuff) is just regular business, something you do. To me, very strange - no such stores in my town. Second hand websites are used here.
Kris, I think second hand websites are used more often than these shops as well here. is very popular
No people take junk to pawn shops. Usually the only people who use them are desperate for quick cash.
Real workers. Customers are actors. Real items. Deals staged
Archangel Thundercat
People usually only use pawn shops to sell or trade something if they are desperate for cash or are trying to fence stolen goods, since they are not a very good deal - generally someone selling to a pawn shop will only get a fraction of the price. It's a much better idea to sell something via Craigslist or eBay, or to sell it through a reliable reseller. It is regular business, but not wise business.
Sometimes real sometimes scripted
Pawn shops have also been around for over 100 years, well before the Internet. As mentioned above, most people tend to use them as a last resort for immediate cash and don't have time to sell them. That being said you will not get anywhere near the price it is worth. A $3000 piece of jewelry might only get you $100-$200 dollars.
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