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Boaty McBoatfaceAuthor
Sedentary lifestyle: sitting for 7h or more is the new smoking! Even if you have an active lifestyle or go to the gym. Heath risks decrease a lor if you stand up every 30 mins (coffee break, walk to the copier, ...)
All information is powerful, and thus those who control the information.
Philo 0316
Gene perspective of evolution. This perspective sees genes as the unit of selection and see what genes do to spread themselves as much as possible. This view can explain more extreme altruism among closely related individuals ants and bees, for example)
Each statement is either true or wrong or ... Don't know ...!
⭕Awkward Face🕑
Welds can be completed by 3 different welding machines; these are known as SMAW, TIG, and MIG. This is a profitable trade and one of the most paid welding jobs is deep sea welding, literally done submerged deep in bodies of water.
IT-security starts at the doors and windows of a building.
#include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { cout << "Hello world!"; return 0; }
If you will learn Python, C++ or Java, install the Apps Learn(Python, C++, Java)
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💀Luci Fur💀
From my thesis: The absence of images is not a failure of the visual. On the contrary, absence is far richer than presence. Also, as Derrida would have it, absence is perpetually bound up with presence. From the course I give: films are cultural products capable of transmitting messages/ ideologies (usually those of the bourgeoisie as they hold the means of production). Also: capitalism is evil.
I play chess. Take your time in chess.
Be vegetarian is not bad for you 😀
I make custom artwork for people and the thing I have learnt is that if you ask the right questions you will find out that everyone is interesting and everyone has a passion.
the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
✒Disenthralled** 🚫
I write. There's always a better word for the word you just used. Carry a Merriam Webster Dictionary and any Thesaurus of your liking. And don't you dare pick up an oxford dictionary, those things are horrid, and useless.
💀Luci Fur💀
What about Urban Dictionary? ;)
✒Disenthralled** 🚫
💀 Luci 💀, Well, I'd of course only use that if I was in and "Urban" area. Lol I'd say, "Just one moment please, let me translate what you said into, simple man's language."
💀Luci Fur💀
Disenthralled** 🚫, I imagine you with a monocle: "I say, old chap, give us a moment. I just need to translate to your pedestrian slang".
✒Disenthralled** 🚫
💀 Luci 💀, oh yes. Only if I was an Englishman. Your comment "My life is writer's block" won't leave my interest.
💀Luci Fur💀
Disenthralled** 🚫, I'm tickled to know I've enthralled you.
✒Disenthralled** 🚫
💀 Luci 💀, Way to switch things around 👏, bravo!
💀Luci Fur💀
Disenthralled** 🚫, I'm nothing if not astute. 👌🏼
✒Disenthralled** 🚫
💀 Luci 💀, I think the comment I mentioned is becoming the muse for a yet to be written poem.
💀Luci Fur💀
Disenthralled** 🚫, you're not the first person to cite me as inspiration, oddly enough. I've been told that I'm the kind of womxn for whom they write symphonies. But enough about me. If memory serves, you teach. Tell me about this.
✒Disenthralled** 🚫
💀 Luci 💀, Your life could be marred by moments in which continuation is either useless or unfathomed, yet the pen must be pushed and it's story must be written. What is a womxn?
💀Luci Fur💀
Disenthralled** 🚫, my tiny revolt against patriarchal language, although it is, admittedly, more to piss off the misogynist Plag users than anything else.
✒Disenthralled** 🚫
💀 Luci 💀, So if i wanted to pronounce this how would I?
💀Luci Fur💀
Disenthralled** 🚫, you don't. It's for written discourse.
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