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38 steps of becoming a trader 🧠🐳

  1. We accumulate information: we buy books, we go to seminars, we research and study.
  1. We start trading with our “new” knowledge.
  1. Constantly paying tribute to the market, we begin to understand that we may need more knowledge.
  1. We accumulate even more information.
  1. Switch to other trading tools
  1. We return to the market and trade with "updated" knowledge
  1. The market inserts us to the full again and we begin to lose confidence. Fear creeps into our soul.
  1. We start listening to the news and opinions of other traders.
  1. … Only to return to the market, and again pay tribute to him
  1. We switch to another tool again.
  1. We are looking for more information.
  1. Returning to the market and starting to earn money
  1. With earnings comes over-confidence and the market quickly reminds us who is who
  1. There comes the notion that in order to trade successfully, you have to spend much more time and effort than expected

At this stage, most quit trading because they understand that trading is a job.

  1. We seriously get down to business and begin to focus on studying the “real” methodology.
  1. Trade according to this method is a variable success, and we feel that something is lacking.
  1. It comes to us that we need rules.
  1. We take a break in trade, until we create our own set of rules.
  1. We resume trading, now by the rules, again with varying success, because now and then we break the rules
  1. We add, we take away, we change our rules, trying to relate to them more responsibly.
  1. We feel that the era of successful trading is not far off.
  1. We realize that only we are responsible for the results of trade, and that success depends not so much on the methodology, so much on us.
  1. We continue to trade and sharpen both our methodology and how we follow the rules.
  1. Nevertheless, the results are still inconsistent, because the rules are no, no, they are violated.
  1. But we feel, here we are overtaken by success 🙂
  1. We are reviewing the rules.
  1. We gain confidence in the methodology and rules, we return to trade
  1. Results are much better, but we continue to doubt our actions from time to time.
  1. Comparing trades “by the rules” and “without”, it becomes clear that success in the rules
  1. We understand that success is primarily within us, in our ability to be disciplined in bidding, and that the cause of mistakes in some kind of fear we experience, and we begin to work on ourselves.
  1. We continue to trade, and the market helps us to more and more understand ourselves.
  1. We perfectly master our methodology and entry / exit rules.
  1. Earnings from trading becomes permanent
  1. This adds excessive confidence to us, and the market again shows us who is who.
  1. We continue to study modestly.
  1. We stop thinking excessively about transactions and let our rules and methods do all the work. Trading becomes boring, but always profitable. The deposit continues to grow, while we increase the size of traded positions.
  1. Our earnings exceed all possible expectations.
  1. We begin to see that there are other worthy activities in life, and we direct our energy in a different direction.
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