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I didn't know what was appropriate to put in this space, so I looked back through my Google Drive and picked something at random. It turned out to be a dream I had back in March, 2016. In my dream, I was sent to live with this blonde-haired lady for a little bit. She had lots of plants at her house, but she also made fish tanks, so she had plenty of fish, too. The fish tanks she made weren't like your average fish tank—they were rectangular, about the size of a coffee table, but only half a foot tall and had tiny cities inside. In every tank she had tiny black fish and tiny white fish, but there were also larger fish (about the size of my arm) with strange orange patterns, and these fish didn't swim in the tanks; instead, they sat on the edge with only their tails in the water. Anyways, the lady had me go to sleep on her couch, which turned out to be surprisingly large (it was about the size of a king-sized bed). When I woke up, I was surrounded by weeds and it was dark, which scared me., but I went on as normal. The next day, I went upstairs to take a nap. As I was traveling up the stairs to the third floor, I became dizzy. I was right at the top of the stairs. I passed out, and when I came to I was on the couch again—only this time, there was a giant, evil centipede right next to me. It proceeded to gobble me up, and then I woke up for real.
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