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Bernie Sanders supporters are being asked to join a class action lawsuit against the DNC. The lawsuit is based on DNC internal emails hacked by Guccifer 2.0 which show the DNC was working behind the scenes to boost Clinton.

These emails show that work starting as early as May 2015, a month after Sanders had entered the race.

Beck is also basing the fraud lawsuit on the idea that DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz claimed neutrality, despite evidence that she may have been tipping the scales for Clinton.

The attorneys may ask you later for proof of your specific donations, which you’ll be able to send by fax or email, but they don’t need that at this time.

The Lawsuit Covers Claims of Negligence and Fraud VIDEO In a YouTube video about the lawsuit, Beck said there were six claims to the case.

We've compiled an extensive look at the most damaging or insightful emails about Clinton and Sanders, from the WikiLeaks emails.

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I've read the emails, and its very clear that Bernie was blatantly conspiring against by the entire democratic party to ensure he never got the primary delegacy. This petition definitely has my vote.
L̢a͠s̕t Roy͢al͠
I'm a class representative in that lawsuit. And I think anyone who donated to either the DNC or Bernie campaign should be as well. Even if you're happy with the outcome of the primaries, you have been defrauded because you donated money/time/effort into a sham process where your time/effort/money was wasted. I'm all for primaries and elections, but not when they are completely staged.
+1 It's bullshit.
Amazing how undemocratic the democratic primary was. I hope this class action suit is successful. The system has never been so transparently rigged as it is now.
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