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Movers & Shakers/M&S
Let's start a challenge with a fair, and a proportionate one, M&S(people with power and influence) needs to be limited, the major community of certain region has hindered with the challenge rules recently and making their own rules, that merely benefits for the participants out here, and the devs needs to be informed about the issues going on lately within the challenges, So I urge the users or every participants of this challenge to make a card about the issues & suggestions, for what we are expecting here & what it has been to?(unexpected). ☹️ Make a clear presentation, compare & contrast the situation, and help the SOLA devs team, to evaluate the situation and come up with a new & updated challenges in the days to come! Best of Luck!!! 😊
35 SOL • 7d left
Origami ideas ✂️🤔💡
origami ideas create card with origami photos *upload with detailed instructions to create origami items (if possible) *assign your cards to the fallowing channel origami ideas *off topic card will remove without any notice Thanks good luck
40 SOL • 7d left
National Game.
Share a card having a picture or name of your national game. also say some words in description if you want(optional). Rules: 1:Only one card is allowed. 2. Off topic cards will b removed from challenge. Note : 👉Good chance to earn's a collaboration challenge. thats every participant will b rewarded with same amount of Sol.So let's come n join.
45 SOL • 7d left
Decoration Trend🎈🎁
Share a card having an image about some decoration on special occasions like marriages, eid, Christmas,birthday or anniversary etc.It may be room decoration,stage decoration or car decoration etc in your region. Let's share decoration trends of our country or region to each other n enjoy. Also say some words about image in description if you want(optional). 👉Share only one image. 👉Off topic cards will be removed from challenge. 💞Its good chance to earn some's a collaboration challenge. So every participant will be rewarded with same amount of Sols. so come n join.
30 SOL • 7d left
Best cooking recipe
Make a card describing your best cooking recipe. Please, select a recipe easy to be made by everyone here on Sola. Your card has to list all ingredients necessary for your recipe. Your card has to detail how many time needed for preparing and cooking the recipe. Your card has to detail exactly how proceeding to prepare and how to cook the recipe. And last, don't plagiarize a recipe copied on Internet. It's really easy to check it. And all your challengers will check it. Be careful to not post a recipe already posted before you. Use pics if necessary to explain your recipe. ... And last, your recipe must be yummy. 😋😋😋
30 SOL • 7d left
TRADITIONAL WEDDING Each region or country has its own traditional wedding. Show us daily a traditional wedding pic from your country or part of the wedding.. Challenge rules: 1. Share your country best traditional wedding or part of it as a pic (additionally, you can share a video if you like as well as more than one pic each card) 2. Give the name, short description or meaning of the traditional wedding (if you like) 3. Assign your cards to the following channel: 4. You can participate with maximum 7 "traditional wedding" cards. FYI: Its a collaboration challenge which means that each of your cards will earn sol with the same amount as every participants and independend of votes of your cards. ALL ARE INVITED TO PARTICIPATE AND GOOD LUCK
45 SOL • 7d left
Hello Sexy!
Who is the sexiest person alive?
30 SOL • 7d left
Capital City
Card of Capital City of Your Country
30 SOL • 7d left
Everyone post 10years vs today pic here. Fast
30 SOL • 7d left
Fvt. Cell phone
Friends which cell phone is your favourite one and why?? You have to tell about the best feature of your cell phone. You must have to post a picture of your favourite cell phone and also describe the feature you like. Participants have to post the picture of the cell phone which they are using if it is not possible then they can take from any other source.
30 SOL • 7d left
Future planning🤔
share with us what is your planning for your bright future.what you want to do? spamming not allowed.only one card
30 SOL • 7d left
Best buddy
Who is your best Sola-buddy or at least Favorit Sola-user? Make a card about them including a link to one of their cards!
44 SOL • 7d left
Favorite Bench
This challenge is looking for the most interesting or most beautiful bench. It is not so much about the bench as a furniture, more about the place where the bench stands. Create a card with a picture of your favorite bench. The picture must be made by you. Only one card per user is allowed.
40 SOL • 7d left
National festival
national festival/celebrations of your country short describe about the festival (NAME OF FESTIVAL WHAT THE REASON TO ) Off topic card will remove good luck
City photography
Share 1 original photo of Yours from a cityscape scene. Preferably on the description tell us where did You capture the image. It can be from your home town or from places You have travelled to. Attention only original images taken by you.
Favourite fruit 🍇🍉
🍉🍌🍇🍋🍍🍅🍓🍒🍑🍐🍏🍎🥥🥝🥑 share with us ur favourite fruits create 1 card including fruit name spam card will remove and report thanks
A Computer Geek
I am seeking for the intelligence in you, an AI within you, why always the machine has to do with an AI? Let's break the record, don't be a machine that runs on others commands, be a part of your intellects and focus on your creativity, now it's time to be a computer geek, show us what you've learnt from the technology, it maybe programs in C/C++, Java, Python, Qbasic, minecraft, MSP or something related with computer like creating an app, coding, cryptography, photoshop, video edit or several fields connected to a computer Science. Now, show us your intellects & be a part of this challenge, build up your genuine creativity & be a computer geek! Codes of Conduct! 1. Your topic must be related to the computer science or technology. 2. Downloaded Images are not emphasized, but can be used with source/credits. Also, you can use tutorial video for programming or something related to the topic!(but must include credit or source) 3. Only English language is acceptable, make your presentation clear & concise.(off-topic or irrelevant cards are removed from challenges without any prior notice) 4. The text used in the card must be on your own, mustn't be extracted from the internet, (in some cases, you can use but with References) 5. Since, this is a collaboration challenges, so don't make haste for participation, you can have enough time for creating a genuine card. Note: In collaboration challenge, the prize fund will be evenly distributed to all the valid participants here, so it will help for all the new comers to earn SOL with their creativity, and we'll came to know what you are worth for! 😉 BEST OF LUCK!!
Best Book
Best book in the word, Intresting book in word card upload pics, video &writing
Interview time
Make a card titled: ** Ask me anything : it's Interview time ** Reuse screen copy of Mirkobau original card with main rule. (see my card given as example) * Before starting to ask a new question series* the interviewer has to ask: *Is chair free?* You may also write *chair* and wait for *free* the first time. The card author should answer politely, something like: " * Free *" "Hi (username of interviewer asking for a free chair)" "You're welcome" "Take a seat and feel free to ask any questions you like" The interviewer has to wait to be invited to take a chair for beginning to ask questions. The interviewer has to avoid to repeat questions already asked before him. Questions have to stay polite and respectful. The card author may not answer if doesn't feel comfortable for answering. He just has to say: "next question". Interviewer has to respect the answers given, and to skip to a next question. Interviewer or card author can ask for the end of a questions serie by saying simply "No more question" And a new interviewer can take the chair for a new questions series. Read also my card as an example. My card is out of this challenge. And I may participate as an interviewer.
Life partner👫
describe what qualities you want that your life partner should have...any 3 topic cards not allowed....
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