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Favorite Animal
At least two cards no nude pic no cheating
30 SOL • 2d left
You have been hired by a company to make a slogan to get people to BUY BUY BUY. Stuff like gum underneath tables or that half eaten burger sitting on the rim of a trash can.
40 SOL • 2d left
Creativity Challenge
Close the infected app for a moment and do some handicraft for us. 😊
30 SOL • 2d left
Potrait Challenge
Everyone should upload at least 2 potrait Made by hands And no one can copy the post of other one Other wise he/she will remove from the competition
The small garden
capture your little garden
Create an image showing the best location in your city (a pic can also be uploaded to create the image) and type ON YOUR IMAGE the following text: Best location in xxx/yyy where xxx is the name of your city and yyy is your country Example: if you live in Hambourg in Germany, you have to add this text to your image: Best location in Hambourg/Germany A location could be a restaurant, cafe,.disco and so on. Requirements: 1. Your image or uploaded pic to your image 2. Text on your image as shown above 3. Only one card can participate. if you share more than one card in my challenge, all your cards will be removed. HAVE A LOOK TO MY CARD AS AN EXAMPLE If your card not fullfil all requirements, it will be removed without warning. GOID LUCK
YOUR Favorite Actor?
My name is Sada Ullah from Pakistan today everyone will show which one is your favorite actor in the world so everyone Do support your best actors
Favourite place
place which you like most
Favorite Personality
Share the card about your favourite personality! Mentioning name is important!
Your fridge
Photograph the content of your fridge. -Make your card complete by giving a recipe you would prepare for a meal with your card viewer.
Motivational Book
share the best motivational book you have ever read...
Christmas/New Year
SOLA CHRISTMAS / NEW YEAR PRESENT FOR YOUR LOVER. what are you planning to give your wife, girlfriend or husband as present for Christmas 2018 or New Year 2019? Conditions for participation: 1. Create your own image by showing her/his present in the image (uploading a pic of your present to be included in your own image is allowed) 2. Image title must be shown as: Sola Christmas 2018 or Sola New Year 2019 Orientation: Look to my card All cards which not follow both conditions will be deleted.
My Halloween [Sola]
Do you celebrate Halloween? If so, share your pictures and stories of how you celebrated Halloween this year! Cards that DO NOT MEET the Terms of the challenge will be REMOVED. ❌ SPAMMY cards will be DELETED and their authors restricted of posting or BANNED. ❌
Halloween is already here! Let's celebrate it in Sola Halloween Challenge! Make up a HORROR STORY with no more than 5 SENTENCES. The story should be really scary and make some sense. ❌Cards that DO NOT MEET the Terms of the challenge will be REMOVED.❌ ❌SPAMMY cards will be DELETED and their authors restricted from posting or BANNED.❌
Your morning selfi
take your selfie and upload it . condition are 1. without makeup 2. without editing 3. 100 percent original 4. a smile on face people having these conditions are going to get sol. so what are you waiting for start taking your selfie and participate in competition
Pancakes the best 🥞
Only the best pancakes Yo. I love pancakes almost as much as pie. why not Pie as the challenge? Becuase I got a book after Pie. Best pancakes only got it?
Review a phone app
Share an app on your phone that you like a lot. Give us a review and win a guaranteed prize!
Your favorite quote
Share your favorite quote. Posts that are not a quote will be deleted
Best Photo Editing
Show Us Your Talent
The Best Smartphone
Share the smartphone's picture card with clearly mentioning it's name and features you like the best and want to have it!
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