About my pet [Sola]

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Do you or your beloved ones have a pet? If so, take a picture of this pet or use a photo you already have. Tell us about your pet, his/her name, some details about the character, some funny episodes you had or are having currently. Cards that DO NOT MEET the Terms of the challenge will be REMOVED. SPAMMY cards will be DELETED and their authors restricted of posting or BANNED.
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Anastasia Smur
Krasnogorsk, Russian Federation
Pakistan, Karachi
Pakistan, Lahore
Myanmar, North Dagon
Iran, Isfahan
Pakistan, Peshawar
Bulgaria, Varna
Vietnam, TT. Hà Lam
Pakistan, Mirpur
Nepal, Pokhara
Iran, Qom
Indonesia, Karawang
Pakistan, Ghazi
USA, Clifton
Pakistan, Multan
Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Philippines, Mandaluyong
Philippines, Amadeo
United States, Valparaiso
India, Puducherry
Pakistan, Shorkot
Philippines, Tarlac City
Romania, Sibiu
USA, Federal Way
Pakistan, Tando Muhammad Khān
Pakistan, Pichnand
Pakistan, Peshawar
Ukraine, Znam'yanka
Czechia, Ostrava
Iran, Karaj
Germany, Arnstadt