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2018 is close to the end, Silvester is coming soon and 2019 can starts. Sure, you had expectations regarding sola and sola app in 2018 and before. WHAT IS YOUR SOLA STATEMENT FOR 2019? Challenge rules: 1. Share daily one card by showing a 2019 sola statement which represents your hope and expectations in sola, sola app or sol token as text only or pic with text. 2. Assign your cards to the following CHANNEL: 3. You can participate with maximum 7 sola statement cards. FYI: Its a collaboration challenge which means that each of your cards will earn sol with the same amount as every participants and independend of votes of your cards. In my opinion, a collaboration challenge is the best and easiest way for newcomers to earn sol. ALL ARE INVITED TO PARTICIPATE AND GOOD LUCK
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Pakistan, Abbottabad
Pakistan, Abbottabad
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