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Cinder here.

A meeting with Matt.

So on Friday I got a ride to the border in Niagara Falls and his family picked me up and headed back to his house. I'd be there until Monday. It was nice to get to see his house, it had been a process to get my passport and travel insurance and such. Time went by faster than I'd hoped but after 82 days of being apart we were thankful for every second we were side by side. The 1st night it was late when we got there so we watched some movies in his living room, curled up on the couch I was so happy.

The second day we went to just donuts for breakfast, you can design your own donut; glaze, base, toppings and all. I had a chocolate donut with caramel glaze and peanut butter cup pieces on top. Anyways then we went to Destiny USA, I'd been really excited to go there, Matt had been talking about all the cool things we would do and I we were going to meet up with his best friend. I didn't feel so well and I was taking it easy, we meet his friend who was nice and we were going to Museum of intrigue, a kind of escape room rp hybrid thing. But I needed to sit down, and when that wasn't enough we went for water. Eventually that ended with me being sick in a garbage can in the 2nd largest mall

In America.

Sharing my embarrassment to make someone feel better down the line. Anyways we went home. Matt being such a sweetheart made me feel better and curled up with me while I rested, distracting me with tv and cuddles. On and off stomach pain didn't ruin everything for us. Got to play video games together and watch tv and movies. Cuddling for the first time was really nice and it was our first time actually having any form of privacy. We've only had the couple meetings before and we spent all the time out places. This was a nice change.

We spent our last night together at each other's side. We "accidentally" fell asleep watching tv together. I just wanted to be together for our last while.

Leaving on Monday was the hardest. We got to the border and had to say goodbye. My grandpa and mother picked me up, I was happy Matt met my Pakke, if even for a few moment. On the rise home I felt empty, last time we had to wait so long to be together. We have fun apart but time together in person is beyond compare. We both cried that night. I stayed home Tuesday to just video call him. I haven't taken off the necklace be bought me, I don't plan to. I love him with all my heart and look forward to the next time we can be together.

Photo #1 from London, Canada by Cinder made on 2018-02-21 20:23 for Sola

The necklace he bought me in December I can wear now.

Photo #2 from London, Canada by Cinder made on 2018-02-21 20:23 for Sola

Us with the cards user Panni mailed us in our Christmas card exchange. Finally together.

Photo #3 from London, Canada by Cinder made on 2018-02-21 20:23 for Sola

Following our tradition of hand holding photos.

If you don't know our story, we met on Plag** this app pre Sola update. I'll link the first card in comments if you're interested. :)

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Canada, London
I love your stories about your romance, I can see you having a traditional Niagara Falls wedding!
I'd say😷
Pro Creator
Awww you two lovebirds 💜💜💜
Pro Creator
I met my beloved 40 years ago. I wish you a long love life. ❤❤
Thank you. 😊
Thanks everyone. 😊
Nina One
So sweet! (I’d avoid the donut place in future. 😉)
We've had it before. My family was sick when i got home guess it's going around.
Nina One
Cinder, bad timing, sorry. 😐
My Name Is Mystery
We need an update ! :)
Got one coming up. We just met again this past weekend. Got lots of fun photos.
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