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Cinder here, realised i never gave you the details about day 2 of my date with Matt. On Sunday morning i was picked up and we went to the park again, It's a nice quiet area to be together.

It was colder than i expected compared to the day before so I stayed close to Matt who kept me warmer. 😊 we sat under the tree as we had before and I loved being by his side. Every moment means so much to us. We kissed which was really nice.

But Matt noticed i was shivering so we went to have breakfast in a cafe nearby. We split a slice of cake and each had a warm drink. Then we got our ride to the mall. Hand in hand we wandered looking at shops but mostly just looking at each other.

We decided to go outside again where it was more quiet. No visible PDA to annoy the public. We only had so much time left, We held hands, He hugged me, picked me up and spun me around him. I loved feeling so appreciated and well.. loved

We had to go, all the ride home we held hands tightly. Knowing time was short. Some don't think holding hands is anything to appreciate but i love it. We're so connected. We pulled into my driveway and Matt walked me to my door and we went inside.

We hugged for the a while before he had to go. I gave him one last kiss and held his hand tightly before letting go and watching him walk out the door, the car driving away. Missing him is hard, knowing it'll be months before we can be together

Again never gets easier. But we love each other. We went months before even meeting in person. Nothing will devide us. We have video call, if not that then voice, if not that we have text. But no matter, we have each other.

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Canada, London
Ok that was too much
I had already written it better but then Sola glitched and lost my card so i quickly wrote it up again. But not very well. 😂
I read it as: "We spent months before even meeting in prison"
Black Widow (Missy)
What a lovely day.
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