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Topic: AdventSol Day 4 (What I am passionate about) πŸ‘©

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I am passionate about working to create a life and a version of myself that is very much unlike my parents.

For years I've tried to use them as an example of what I don't want to become. My dad an alcoholic, my parents divorced, my mother for a while needing two jobs, our family lower middle class with instable income.

I've made the decision to never drink, it's hard because I'm of legal age and if like to go with my friends once in a while and have a drink but I can't risk even one.

I've was very careful about getting into relationships and I've gotten lucky in that my boyfriend is the epitome of a perfect soul. I didn't date until I was 18.

I'm in University, I'm paying for myself and I got here independently, I applied, I researched. I'm working to get a job so that the family I will make in the future will have stability I didn't have.

I've recently started online therapy and when I started I'd already got myself through 4 years of Depression while working parttime, graduating Highschool, participating in extracurriculars and volunteering. I got myself to become more stable, the therapist is helping me process and give names to what I've dealt with. I might have known most already but the reassurance has helped.

I'm passionate about the career I'm working to get into, I want to teach so that I can help the next generations. I know that a lot of things happen to kids that no one notices and I want to support them in going down the right routes and enjoying early years of education because that changes their minds on school for all the later years.

I have a sort of impossible dream of wanting to start my own school, a high quality private school in a underprivileged area that would be affordable for them (free if i could) and create an environment that would promote enjoyment of school and real learning over memorization. But it's not really realistic. Still a passion none the less.

What's your passion?

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I'm checking off the days I've completed. I'll get day 3 eventually.

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Wish you Good Luck and Success in all your future endeavours. May God's blessings and help be with you always. Amin.
Thank you, that's very kind.
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