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Topic: Planting Trees against Infanticide 🌳

For one Indian village called Rajasthan. "the birth of a girl child meant bad news. Female foeticide and infanticide were not unheard of. This was mainly due to the hefty dowry system prevalent in the village."

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Shyam Sunder Paliwal envisioned a bright future for the girls, and put the work in to fix things.

How does this work?

"To celebrate the birth of a girl child, 111 trees are planted by her parents, grandparents and relatives.

The village panchayat takes care of these plants so that the efforts of the relatives do not go waste.

Women self-help groups, elderly ladies, grandmothers, aunts etc. take care of its maintenance from time to time. This invaluable work is being done under the Kiran Nidhi Yojna, adopted by Paliwal."

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"As the idea took off, the villagers realised that there was no need to worry about dowry because the trees they plant when a girl child is born will take care of her expenses in the future. (The Bhamashah scheme was started with the objective of bringing financial inclusion and empowerment of women. It is a family-based programme in which a bank account and a Bhamashah card are made in the name of the lady of the house. This empowers her to become the decision-maker in the family.)"

More Incentive:

"At the time of the birth of a girl child, Rs 10,000 from the girl’s parents and Rs 31,000 from donors and Bhamashahs are collected and put in a fixed deposit"

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Agreements by the Family:

1)No one from my family will be involved in foeticide.

2)The 111 trees planted on the birth, and the girl child will be raised with equal care.

3)I will not keep my daughter from getting educated.

4)I will not allow child marriage of my daughter under any condition.

5)I will spend this money on my daughter’s wedding and/or higher education.

6)The trees planted at birth will be the property of the village.

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Paliwal says, “Analysing the statistics of the village for many years, I have observed that on an average, there are about 120 child births during a year, out of which half or 60 are girls. It has been our effort that our daughters become self-reliant so that parents do not consider them a burden.”

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It's amazing what this man has done for his community, what are your thoughts on his project?

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Wow, such a great way to encourage and motivate those people, this man really came up with brilliant idea and this will empower women in Rajasthan.
Pro Creator
Yeah it's amazing, right?
Pro Creator
Cinder, yes this message should be spread in tribal areas of Pak as well, if government is willing to overcome such cases.
5̀øÑ͜ ̕0f Æ̨ ğłīťç̴H
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I salute this hero! Two times🙌
Nina One
What a great, creative scheme!
Pro Creator
Yeah it's pretty amazing
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