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Learn to a say "No".

Hey friends, We often care for other people, but we forget to care for our self,and sometimes we are stressed by our caring, So today, I am going to tell you some toxic people from whom you should stay away.

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  1. Who just ask for things:Its ok to help others but what if they

just ask you for the things, it like taking advantage of you, you should really such people.

  1. People who critised others:

There are some people who often judge and criticise others, we have to realised that if they are critising others infront of you, they can critise you to others, so it better to stay away from them and protect your energy.

  1. People who are jealous from you:If anyone of your friend or co-worker is jealous of he is not going to leave a single chance to put you down.It may hamper your confidence for long term, they will gossip about you and they will critize you in front your parents and seniors, jealous people are like a poisonous snake which can sting at anytime,so it better to stay far away for them.
  1. people who buttered alot: buttering you with fake compliments, is kinda making fun of you in my sense, this type of people speaks nice things infront of you like wow your dress is so good, you look so beautiful today but in your back they will make fun of you like, did you see her dress, it's so dirty. She looks like pig and they can give you bad advices that can take you to wrong direction,try to ignore these people,and if they buttered you say them you know about yourself,you should watch your life, its better to entertain them.

Friends, you have to say "No" to these people, they are the people who are the hurdle of your personal development.

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