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Thomas Tramaglini, 42, was arrested and charged with lewdness, littering and defecating in public, police said. (Google Maps/Holmdel Township Police Department) A lawyer for a New Jersey superintendent accused of defecating daily on a high school football field asked prosecutors to hand over their full surveillance video of the 42-year-old allegedly doing the deed. Thomas Tramaglini appeared in court for the first time Tuesday after he was charged in April with public urination/defecation, littering and lewdness, reported .

Police said the Kenilworth Schools superintendent was defecating on the Holmdel High School’s football field “on a daily basis,” just three miles away from his home in Aberdeen. Tramaglini’s lawyer, Matt Adams, said in court he and his client only received clips of the surveillance video that captured the superintendent defecating on or near the school’s field. He requested the full video and a witness’ name because he had issues with details related to the video.

NEW JERSEY SUPERINTENDENT DEFECATED ON HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL FIELD 'ON A DAILY BASIS,' COPS SAY Tramaglini and his lawyer obtained narrative and evidence property reports, along with the clips of the surveillance video that led to the 47-year-old’s arrest as well as Holmdel police dispatch audio, reported. Police began hunting for the “pooper-intendent” in April after high school staff and coaches reported finding human feces on school property. Surveillance video set up by police eventually led authorities to identify Tramaglini as the alleged "mystery pooper."

This is really something special Mr. Superintendent! Great example. Go New Jersey!!

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B Samson [WildFyre]
This has already been settled. He has been hired to be the super (pooper) for the San Francisco school district. The kids need life skills like how to poop on the sidewalk without getting caught.
I guess SF School district hired the wrong person. He got caught. He is a real peice of work.
That's close enough that he can go to "shit on this school" events with Yvette Fallorca as a #2 +1!
It's weird he wants his own videos. Maybe he gets off reliving his defication process.
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