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The salary of an entrepreneur is “0” in most cases. Why? 99 percent of the startups dont get funding, the entreprenuer’s savings are used to run a startup. Add to this the entrepreneur has to pay salaries & expenses. By the first year ends his/her life savings are gone, yes sad but true :( By the second year he/she would have borrowed money & finished all funds, struggling to survive & pay salaries. By year 3 if no revenues come or no angel investments happen the startup gets closed down. 150,000 companies get setup in India every year. Over 80% of these close down within 3 yrs because of lack of funds. The remaining somehow struggle hard to survive, hardly 1 percent are profitable. Starting a startup is easy, closing down is also not so difficult. But running it is very difficult. The journey of an entrepreneur is hard. But it is the most amazing journey of change. An entrepreneur has only one thing to bank upon, character, to stand the test of time. Those who go through the tough years & dont give up, make it. I know somewhere deep within everyone has dreams of starting on their own. Wishing all entrepreneurs & wannabe entrepreneurs a very merry christmas ! May Santa make all your dreams come true!

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Bhutan, Thimphu
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So true. The fact that comes in taking risk.
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