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ETN is now the FASTEST and EASIEST cryptocurrency!

Electroneum is now the EASIEST cryptocurrency in the world to integrate (via our vendor API) - and it's also the FASTEST cryptocurrency payment system in the world!

Electroneum has combined instant transactions and ease of integration in a single system.

We have made integrating Electroneum as easy as integrating with Stripe (®) or PayPal (®) by creating the first cryptocurrency with an API interface for payments. Every web agency in the world understands integrating API interfaces, but hardly any understand blockchain. Even better, our system is truly instant. Our API gives an INSTANT notification to the vendor (shop or online store owner) that the payment is on the way. The vendor is assured of the payment, which allows instant checkout. The user can walk out of the coffee shop with their coffee, or the user can checkout online (buying their airtime top up for instance) without having to wait for the blockchain. The system has been live and open for Beta testers for less than a week but we've already seen some impressive integrations and integration into the largest Point of Sale software in Egypt

Professional integration of easy payments & pro video skills! (ETN Academy)

Largest Point of Sale software system in Egypt (we forgive the slightly less professional video - as it's a HUGELY important step for ETN)

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