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Photo #1 from Karachi, Pakistan by M Farhan Javeed made on 2018-11-14 03:27 for Sola

Where did Science bring us … *

  • First, they used to take 100 years to earn a well after drinking Kuchila water.
  • Now drinking pure pure water of RO also has grown old forty years.
  • First, they used to work hard in eating the same oil as oil.
  • Now we are hunting the double-triple filter oil in the same way.
  • Earlier, they did not eat ill by eating the boiled salt …
  • Now we eat high and low blade pressure by eating ovarian salt ….
  • First they used to shine with semi, acne, coal, and salt teeth and cooked for a period of 800 years.
  • Now let's talk about the daytime with a Colgate ….
  • First they caught the pulse and used to tell the disease.
  • Do not even know the disease even now.
  • In the first instance, he created seven seven infants, worked in fields even when he was 80 years old.
  • Now, while taking care of the doctor for the first month, the children are in operation.
  • Early black gourmet sweet foods used to be stupid.
  • Sugar may cause sugar before eating now …
  • Previously the elders never saw knees …
  • Now young man tells knees and waist pain.
  • The first 100 burnt bulbs of bulk (100 w), the electricity bill was 200 rupees months.
  • Able 9 9 Walt (09 w) bills of 2000 per month in cfl

Do not understand where we stand? Why stand up What did you find?

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Pakistan, Karachi
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