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Photo #1 from New York City, USA by Escape made on 2018-08-28 12:28 for Sola

A three-judge federal panel ruled on Monday that because North Carolina's congressional districts were unconstitutionally gerrymandered to benefit Republicans over Democrats, new districts may have to be drawn ahead of the November elections.

North Carolina legislators put together a map where 10 of the state's 13 U.S. House districts are held by Republicans, and the federal judges said they are wary of giving lawmakers there another chance at drawing the congressional districts. Federal courts have twice ruled already that the districts violate parts of the Constitution, and the judges said that although North Carolina voters have already chosen candidates through primary elections, the court is not entirely comfortable allowing voting to take place in November with the current map.

Some state lawmakers were blatant with their agenda, The Washington Post reports, including state Rep. David Lewis (R), who told his fellow members of the North Carolina General Assembly in 2016 that he thinks "electing Republicans is better than electing Democrats. So I drew this map to help foster what I think is better for the country."

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USA, New York City
Nina One
That final comment is really appalling.
Good. Fuck North Carolina and their shitty state. Miserable fucking place.
Can anyone name a state where none of the voting districts are the result of gerrymandering for one party or another?
Shit, sorry Fj, I forgot you were living there.
Steph, doesn't bother me at all.
fj_x, still.
No.nobody can.don't dilute the issue with know we hate that here.
It can be challenged in any state, by anyone, if you think the same exist where you live you should take them to court, absolutely nothing to stop you.
fj_x, I'm sure every state has at least one similar blog about their own area if anyone bothers to dig. A lot of opinion in there, what will matter to any extent is what happens in the Wisconsin court case.
fj_x, according to that article: So what effect could a prohibition on partisan gerrymandering have in New York? It could be profound. Democrats would enjoy a lesser majority in the Assembly, though still a solid majority. But the Republican hold on the Senate might be ended. Over the past several election cycles, they have held on to a very slim majority, or have joined with the breakaway Independent Democrat faction to maintain control. So even though that article was from last December, looks like maybe the times are a-changin’? The politicians really ought to be talking to all the people who are not “party-voters” — I think there are a lot more than there used to be.
My point was that it really is found everywhere and both parties if you look. I agree about non party voters. The more the politicians and media try polarize everyone, the more people say the hell with all of you.
fj_x, it is everywhere, and it needs to stop. Voting should be sacred. It should be meaningful and people’s votes should count. This kind of crap is why so many people don’t vote - because they feel it’s pointless.
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