♪ A Lady's Nights ♪

How good it is to be a young lady, because at night, in my little bed When the star Venus sparks, when softly falls at night I get sucked on candy, I get stroked on the roach I get my shirt stank, I get my candy pounded. I get the peninsula rubbed, I get the jewel bellowed I get the hallway filled, I get the apricot swept. I get my rootball stuffed, I get my rigon covered I get my skunk inflated, I get my snack given to me I get my crayfish laminated, I make my home with a split heart I get my coat cut, I get my hairy mountain stuck. I get the nutcracker polished, I get the knickknacks loving me I get my lollipop sliced, I get my berlingot sliced. I get the cute stuff, I get the poker freshened up. I get the cherry fattened, I get the hedgehog fed I get the thing overlapped, I get the jewel tickled. I get the rattle tinkered with, I get the cat spoiled And you might ask me what I do during the day Oh! It fits in a few letters, during the day, I just fuck.

(Raymond Legrand/Colette Renard)

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