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Why is it, when I disagree with a leftist, they claim I'm heartless and I don't care about children?

When I disagree with someone on the right, they just say "ok, but I still disagree, because...."


If I disagree with the right on abortion, they will just fully explain their view. Yes they try to convince me, but I think most of them know that I have valid reasons too.

When I disagree with them on net neutrality, they try to explain the financial benefits, but I don't see any.

When I disagree with a leftist on the 2nd amendment, they call me hateful, and accuse me of wanting children to die.

That's a terrible argument, because I want a free country for children. My children. Life without liberty isn't worth living.

I don't support gun rights because I love to see people die. What a stupid accusation. In fact, when I lived in Oklahoma, the news reports on shootings were mostly because someone shot an I truder, usually armed with a knife or gun, and the innocent party survived.

I could argue that the left wishes the innocent to die, but it would be just as stupid of an argument.

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Because they’re brainwashed shit weasels
The left have a culture of misunderstanding personal property. So you get to a point where before they'll glimpse at what you're painting, they go defensive. Attacking your character, intelligence, etc. Its a mind acting like a dog to defend its cherished core beliefs.
It because of mentality. I don’t mean that in a negative way. „Left“ people have a mentality of sharing and the „right“ people a mentality of keeping. Left people think you’re an egoist when you’re not sharing. Right people think you’re wasteful when you’re not keeping
These people are programmed to react to certain things in certain ways. They do not think, it is just a basic reaction they have been taught. Same thing happens with a lot of groups, just seems mostly liberal.
Ask a person if they support x, then tell them that a popular figure they are supposed to like supports x, watch their view on x change, maybe not in the same conversation but a week later.
Tyler Anderson
Funny thing is, most people on left and right attack when you say there shouldnt be a state
Hanover FisteAuthor
Shut up you piece of shit! 🤣 Just kidding
I believe this is mostly true for leftist extremists and sjws, not everyone is a cardboard cutout.
Hanover FisteAuthor
True, but I used to be considered left. They've moved so far left I can't see them anymore. Now I'm considered center right, but I haven't changed.
I've had those conversations where folks are surprised that I would support firearms. Most big government types on sola eventually go to the racist card or how I must hate children, but not always. It is usually reserved until the are unable to convince me to join there cause....all is really does *imo* is completely invalidate anything they had to say.
If at first you don't succeed stomp around and call them a racist.
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