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It is out of personal gain by way of emotional fulfillment and relief that we seek out entertainment of all kinds. It is the same kind of personal gain that motivates people to entertain and create content for those people seeking it. And though the gains could be presented materially (as it is in the case of business dealings) it doesn't mean you can assume the value of it in someone else's mind by assigning your own value to it because you cannot change that the value of all items, resources, and information, along with larger concepts such as life, freedom, and even value itself are individually subjective.

This is so evident it can and is observed in every human action, reaction, decision, interpretation, etc. For example If we didn't value our lives we would stop eating, drinking, sleeping, feeling, interacting with others, thinking, moving, and probably breathing since we'd be dead eventually, either from passively or actively committing suicide in some way. If existence and life are not valued by the people existing and living then it wouldn't be persisted by them, suicide wouldn't be seen as sad or bad but as a release from boredom and emptiness.

Now, beyond the dramatics of the value of life we have every supposed "selfless" act of charity and generosity to justly hold as suspect for deception on a worldwide scale. Selfless acts don't exist. Charitable and generous actions do help people and you may not get anything back from the people you help, but while you may be losing material wealth, while you may be doing what you think is "objectively good", and while you may call it "selfless"; you wouldn't have given anything to anyone or any charity if you didn't value good things already and think it was a good enough to do. This applies to extremes like self sacrifice as well.

Moving On…

An idea of anything that's close to being "objective morality" would be found in the objective world, the physical world, independent of life's existence, is no authority on morality, does not give any sentient being a "correct" code of ethics, and does not actively make you conscious of "good" and "bad". All the objective world does is naturally limit our actions with mortality and entropy. That, plus studies on the human brain have shown that we like doing what we think is good naturally due to the routine dose of dopamine released by our brains that makes us feel very slightly euphoric and high when we do what we believe to be good and seems to be the base motivator for people to have morals because it is very addictive and when you don't have anything you believe to be good then you won't have anything good to do. Then you can't get your fix, and if you can't get your fix then your self worth comes into question. Now, I think you can use your imagination to figure out what happens when you believe something is bad and it happens to you…

That is what "objective morality" realistically is; instinctual hedonism. It's not divine laws from a deity let alone a specific theistic God.

But while there may be a chemical reaction happening in my head when I do something I believe to be good or bad it doesn't mean that is my experience of it at all. It does not say anything about the emotions felt except the general positivity and negativity of them. It says nothing of why I believe that what I believe is good or bad, only explains why I continuously value having a perception of what is good.

Regardless of the assumption of objectivity, you still do what you believe to be good because you think it's good. More importantly, you already value the concept of good itself enough to willingly act in service of it.

In short.. The only objective aspect of our world is the physical world itself. Anyone's supposed all encompassing "objective good" is contrarily subjective value. Your "selflessness" is only possible through selfishness and that's not necessarily a bad thing. It just means that you like doing what you believe is good as long as you feel it's worth it for you to do. So to avoid being a moral coward please know for yourself why exactly you believe in what you believe.

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Then why do I always fart when I walk through first class
Because it's so damn funny that your subconscious has made it necessary😂😂
I mean, the funniest fart joke is a fart as a joke😂
GiantManInSky, actually the funniest joke is J U C H E G A N G
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