What if we are looking at what we know from the wrong perspective? If space-time is considered as a fabric, then every mass present displaces it. This means that time automatically is bended due to gravity. When light passes through that curve, it also bends and hence both light and time bend due to gravity. Now lets say Space- Time bends light & Gravity instead of What we are taught then alot of the unanswered questions seemingly have an answer all of a sudden. Dark Matter, The shape of the universe & black holes all still make sense even more so if we observe this switch! Have a think! Our thoughts of the big bang Beginning from a singularity are what many theorist and scientist believe but one question has always remained! From where or what time did that singularity form. We are told that in the beginning there was nothing, zero, zilch but what if there has always been Time??

So space-time has always been there the big bang happens producing light then gravity its not Gravity bending light and space-time! After all we all say things like "when time began" & "time is an illusion"

Use the picture below replacing gravity with time!

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