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Still using You’re probably paying too much. Planning a trip soon? What if I told you there’s an alternative to BOOKING.COM, EXPEDIA, TRIPADVISOR, AIRBNB and ALL THEIR COMPETITORS can save you on average 20%? What if I also told you it’s possible to earn continuous income there, just by referring your friends? You’d probably be asking “what’s the catch?”. I wouldn’t blame you. But it’s true. There is no catch. Below I’m going to explain to you exactly how it’s possible, and how you can get involved. It’s very simple.  The problem The online travel industry is currently dominated by large OTAs (online travel agencies) such as, Expedia, TripAdvisor, etc. These companies charge huge commissions — up to 30% and possibly more — to support their burgeoning workforces and massive advertising campaigns. They also force hotel and rental managers into unfair contracts containing rate parity agreements. Rate parity agreements are legally binding clauses that ensure hotel owners cannot offer cheaper prices than those shown by OTAs. This results in travelers like you and me unknowingly handing over a large chunk of our holiday money to middlemen (and middlewomen) who actually add no value to our trips. This is an unsustainable business model. The solution The solution was to implement a completely new business model, made possible through the freemium concept and blockchain technology. Now, before you think “Oh no, here we go again. It’s one of those cryptocurrency scams. No thank you!”, I’ve got good news for you. You don’t need any cryptocurrency to use this new service. You can use your credit card, just like any other booking site. You will get a booking reference number via email, just like any other booking site. All the blockchain stuff is hidden away in the background. All you need to know is that it’s delivering real value. The name of this new marketplace is LOCKTRIP and you can sign up here : Book your next stay at any one of 100,000 hotels around the world (soon to be 400,000, covering pretty much every hotel on the planet). LockTrip has successfully done away with commissions and rate parity agreements through the use of smart contracts and a tokenized economy. They will also allow hotel and rental managers to list and manage their properties and guests for free. Since there are no commissions*, you save on average 20%. Please note: this is an average,meaning it’s possible to save much, much more. *To unlock 0% commission, you must pay using LOC, the LockTrip utility token. Payment via credit card is considered a premium feature, incurring a small fee of 2.5%. When you’re saving 20% or more, most will agree this is a small price to pay for the convenience and safety of using a credit card. Disclaimer: Some links in this article include my referral code. You don’t have to use them, but if you find this information useful, please do! It might even help me pay for my next LockTrip holiday :) If you have any questions just let me know ! Francis

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