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Photo #1 from Lhokseumawe, Indonesia by Hery made on 2018-04-15 07:20 for Sola

In meta today, many players use the new hero marksman that is Lesley. The damage output from Lesley is very painful thanks to his passive skill and other active skills. He can also kill off a dying enemy with his Ultimate Snipe from a distance even if it is already locked. Although this hero seems so strong, in fact Lesley is easy to deal with. Let's look at the tips below to make Lesley not in-depth in battle. Use the hero area Skill of Lesley's Master of Camouflage is able to provide additional movement speed is big enough, and make it can disappear or berkamuplase. He also can not ditarge with certain target skills, but he can be injured with heroes who have the skill area.

One such hero is Johnson. Back up his ultimate skills while targeting a dying comrade The ultimate skill will shoot 4 deadly bullets from a great distance even after being targeted. The dying heroes would have died if it had been locked. But if one of your heroes still has thick blood, try to block the bullet. If you already like this, chances are your dying friends will survive. Buy Demon's Advent item Although the damage from Lesley very large, nmun it still can be overcome by buying one of the defense item that is Demon's Advent. With this item, Lesley will produce less damage to your hero and will be smaller if he shoot many times.

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