Most of the atoms on our planet have been here since the planet was formed. A very small number have arrived from space and a similar number are formed as a result of nuclear reactions. We are a jumble of atoms that used to be something else. While you are alive the atoms in your body, used to be the food, water and air you have consumed to stay alive. When you die your atoms are quickly recycled. If you are buried, the bacteria in your intestinal tract are not being fed anymore and start eating you. If you are buried in a wooden coffin you quickly become worm food and then reenter the food chain and your atoms become whatever ate you… This leads to the fact that you become part of the food chain. Instead of eating, you get eaten. If you are cremated your body is roasted until completely burned. The gases produced are released into the atmosphere and the bones are ground up into ash (mostly carbon). Your atoms released into the air from the roasting/burning process are quickly recycled into other things. If your ashes are spread around, they will reenter the food chain or be converted into some mineral. Enjoy while you can. You will quickly (in the terms of the age of the earth) be gone and your atoms converted into something else.

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