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~~~ Biography ~~~ I am a former union steward, now an independent journalist, blogger/vlogger and free speech advocate from the UK who has come to realise we are all being farmed by a global corporate and financial oligarchy. Free Speech is under attack as we witness a global censorship and propaganda program roll out. I support decentralisation as an essential tool to combat this collectivist tyranny. I am relatively new to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and have a lot to learn, but I see the potential and am enthusiastic about the possibilities. I value evidence based research and reasoning. I work to support any and all who feel the same way. I write evidence based articles on my website and published my first book "Russia's Syrian Psyop" this year. You can buy it on Amazon if you must but I would prefer you downloaded it for free from my website. I am also able to leap small footstools in a single bound, have been known to be occasionally reliable, haven't lost all my friends yet and, best of all, haven't been arrested lately. ~~~ Overview ~~~ British Blogger & Vlogger Content Creator Rabid Free Speech Advocate Clueless Entrepreneur Social Media Wannabee Cryptocurrency Noob Social Blockchain Ignoramous Bar Stool Philosopher ~~~ Website ~~~ In this Together: - ~~~ Connect With Me ~~~ Steemit: Minds: https:// Twitter: Facebook: ~~~ Watch In This Together ~~~ Bit.Tube: BitChute: Dtube:!/c/oyddodat YouTube: ~~~ Recommended Websites ~~~ The Corbett Report: - UK Column: - Rich Planet: - Global Research: - 21st Century Wire: - New Bilderberg: - Henderson Left Hook: - ~~~ Donate To Help Keep Me Going ~~~ BTC: 14PystdefTJSDmfam4qpaHQ6NJyT5DLsWW BTCH: qr2u68yyzdpy87tjpkxc5xv9832yrgz8s5u3jglpyw ETH: 0x96726199ca302F55E8Ddd272E48f5B1B036AB2AD ETC: 0xE20FcB0b033cC0a76692718427EB77E41184cAa1 ~~~ Tags ~~~ #informationwar #politics #conspiracy #cryptocurrency #science #steem #steemit #minds #socialmedia #inthistogether #britain #uk
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