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Photo #1 from Frederick, United States by Jarred made on 2016-04-06 16:22 for Sola (Gofund)

Please consider sponsoring our girls as they wrestle. No donation is too small, anything helps whether it's $1, $5, $10, or $20. Thank you!

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United States, Frederick
What are you using the money for, though? I used to do wrestling, and it's the cheapest sport you can get involved in. You just need a singlet, shoes and headgear. I've never seen any tournament go over $20 either, and that's high end.
Thank you for responding. The money will be used for tournament fees, travel, and lodging. For instance the girls are traveling from Maryland to Illinois on April 16th for a National level tournament. The tournament fee is $60/each, lodging is $140, and gas is of course an additional fee. So one can see how everything adds up very quickly. For this reason we are attempting to reach out through various media for sponsorship in order to help offset some of the costs. As a family we and especially our girls would greatly appreciate your support. Please feel free to share the link.
Of course. Thanks for answering my question. I didn't realize tournament costs could be so high, I've only participated in school-sponsored events. If you get more funding than you'd originally anticipated, what will you do with the excess money?
To be honest we hadn't really thought about that, but more than likely we would consider donating the excess funds to the Maryland Girls National Team and/or programs to help other female wrestlers.
Great answer! Thanks for taking your time to explain your fundraiser, I think you're serving a noble cause. Best of luck!
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