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What's the #1 most important factor for why a student learns from a teacher?
23%Teacher education lvl
32%Teacher experience
23%Student likes teacher
9%Student is smart
14%The school
273 votes
21.911SOL earned
USA, Lolo
Infidel Castro
Pro Creator
The student liking the teacher is honestly more important than it should be. I've seen good teachers get bad reputations just because they aren't pushovers like most others
Opie ♻️
None of the above.
Opie ♻️
Students don't learn from teachers; they learn by applying themselves to the subject. Teachers can help, though many students learn well despite their teacher. Any halfway competent teacher knows that the best they can do is encourage and facilitate access, by posting questions, giving outside, and pointing to useful resources. None of the five options above reflect that.
Кусочек НЁХ
Всё вместе. Бывают учителя очень образованные, а объяснять не умеют, а бывают очень хорошие рассказчики, но такой бред говорят, что и слушать не хочется. Даже если учитель хороший, если студент не хочет слушать - он не услышит
The teachers ability to relate to the student. The teachers ability to lower themselves down to the student level and explain to them using their terms. For that reason I selected teacher experience, but it also could have been student liked teacher.
It definitely has to do with the teacher-student relationship. My most recent experience is with my daughter and her violin teacher. The teacher is demanding and skillful, but also provides all the necessary tools and tricks. My daughter adores the teacher, and wants to earn praise from the teacher, so she is willing to put in the work.
Flesh is overrated
Student is smart, student knows student is there to learn, student applies self to learn, student is smart.
Opie ♻️
͠ ͋ ͥ ͫ ̔ ͗ᚘ̫ͩᚔ̨ᚋ, yeah, okay. Good point.
jeni elorik
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jeni elorik
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Jabba Ree 🌹
Pro Creator
I have a teacher who is an annoying bitch, but an experienced specialist. Also, I have a teacher who is strict with us, but I like her. I love to attend the second one's classes rather than the first one's. I think "teacher experience" and "student likes teacher" has a combined effect on this topic.
Shahtaj Ahmed
I think Teacher's Experience with positive meaning :D means applying it's experience methods on our life IF NEEDED
Mineko ❓
I wish liking my teacher didn't have such an impact but god when your teacher refuse to explain something again because it was already covered the freaking first week of the year, that you have to flatter him (ask again and being brush off multiple) and then finally when we feel like you rolled enough in the dirt, accept to show you once again with disdain in his voice. God I already now where I'll have the lowest grades this year
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