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“Our message to New Yorkers going forward, these are your station houses,” he said . The recording policy does not explain how the ban in police buildings applies to public events, like officer recognition ceremonies and precinct community council meetings, but Ms. Prunty said it would not apply at official events. Darius Charney, the lead plaintiffs’ lawyer in a federal lawsuit that forced the Police Department to scale back its aggressive street-stop policy, said the policy imposes “overly broad” limits on the public’s right to record police officers.

But it also restricts enforcement to behavior that “affects the use of the space or the ability of police operations to function properly,” he said, citing the policy. “The memo is therefore confusing at best,” he said. Mr. Mullins, the sergeants’ union president, said the policy was “too ambiguous” about how officers are supposed to decide whether to make an arrest. A spokeswoman for the Police Department could not say whether anyone had been arrested under the policy, and it was unclear if the city’s district attorneys would prosecute such arrests.

In the Instagram video tirade, the man makes crude sexual remarks to a sergeant inside the 28th Precinct on Frederick Douglas Boulevard and West 123rd Street when the officer asks, “Are you going to put me on Facebook?” The sergeant, Freddy Lopez, then moves toward the man, who is in a waiting area across a low wall, and orders him to stop recording because “the law says you can’t.” When the man presses for specifics, the sergeant hesitates before turning around and asking a female officer sitting at a desk for handcuffs that never materialize. The video ends with Sergeant Lopez going to a desk and picking up the phone. The police said the man was not arrested.

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