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Storyous, the first management system for restoration that incorporates voice commands

This new functionality will allow the waiters to record the orders by voice, which will speed up the process significantly. So far, no other management program aimed at restoration includes this tool

Storyous, the first information management and control system, has just added new functionality to its program, voice commands. This new feature offers the waiters the possibility of taking orders without the need to write them, which will significantly speed up the taking of orders in the restaurant.

According to Igor Treslín, CEO of Storyous: 'We were born with the commitment to bring technological innovation to the catering sector and this step makes us the only management system to include this tool. Thanks to it, the waiters will not need to write the orders, simply they will have to indicate the amount and name the dish as it appears registered in the system, automatically the program will mark the chosen option '.

Storyous allows you to carry out an exhaustive control of the business thanks to its multiple functionalities: taking commands in an agile and simple way and, now, even faster; control of the stock, analysis of the most profitable tables and of the most requested consumptions; employee performance; integration of third party systems such as suppliers, home delivery platforms or reservation systems; billing and control of expenses and income, among others.

"Our program is designed to offer bars and restaurants the possibility of making their business profitable thanks to the analysis and information it provides on different aspects: sales, warehouse, suppliers, expenses, income, billing. Having all this information saves time and, above all, money, "adds Igor Treslín, CEO of Storyous.

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