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The 'Estocs a Fora d'Estiu' fill the streets of Sant Cugat del Vallès

The 'Estocs a Fora d'Estiu' end with a very positive assessment by the merchants and citizens of Sant Cugat

Last Saturday, September 15, the 'Estocs a Fora d'Estiu' was held successfully in Sant Cugat del Vallès for the third consecutive year. The streets of the city were filled with people from Sant Cugat who were able to enjoy the best end-of-season offers from the attached merchants.

This is an activity organized by the Sant Cugat Comerç Association that has the main objective of boosting the city's trade after the return of the holidays. This new edition of the 'Estocs a Fora d'Estiu' ended with a very good assessment by merchants who participated and at the same time by the citizens, who filled the streets of the city throughout the day on Saturday.

According to the manager of Sant Cugat Comerç, Jesús Carballo: "the day started very loose in the morning but in the afternoon it finally ended with a very positive assessment and, above all, much better than last year".

It should be noted that this year's 'Estocs a Fora d'Estiu' had the participation of the same number of merchants as the previous year, a high number of associated businesses that work to strengthen local and local commerce.

This event organized by Sant Cugat Comerç is one of the annual events in the city that marks the beginning of the season both for the Association and for the merchants and citizens of Sant Cugat.

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