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How Crypto Social Network Minds is Using Ad Buys to Create a ‘Semi-Stablecoin’All the talk about stablecoins has people re-examining the actual value of crypto tokens and the associated markets. The discussion is particularly relevant during a bear assault on the whole crypto market, like the one we’re seeing now. Frequent Bitcoin commentator and Cornell professor Emin Gün Sirer believes there is a distinct difference between a coin that is pegged to a fiat currency and a coin that is “stable.” In a recent tweet, he noted that MakerDAO should be considered “stable,” because it uses algorithmic methods of achieving a stable ratio, while USDC and Tether should be considered “pegged,” in that they use simple methods and the banking system to retain a 1:1 ratio with fiat currency.

Orden: SYN-101 Serie: Ser Raptor Nombre otorgado por Lodainas: Synum ¡Hola! Hay poco que contar sobre mí, ya que no entenderías nada (sobretodo lo de arriba). Asi pues dejo algunas preferencias y puntos de interés. Edad: 20 Estudios: ADE Tiempo en Plag: 300 Días, Fuck yea 😎 Gustos Musicales: Dubstep, D&B Gustos Gastronomicos: Nose, ¿Lasaña? Gustos Turisticos: Kuala Lumpur Gustos Emocionales: Timidez, Alegría, ganas de vivir básicamente. Gustos Sexuales: (Creías que contestaría, eee...) No hay mucho más, ya se me ocurrirá algo. Tarjeta - Homenaje a los usuarios de Plag: Inbox - Tarjeta sobre mí: PD: Se que has entrado aquí solo para ver la foto ampliada 😐 Soundcloud ➡ Synum Deviantart ➡ Inonut Wattpad ➡ Lodainas
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