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Photo #1 from Saladillo, Argentina by kimvek made on 2018-04-09 23:32 for Sola

This Argentine Startup Wants to Make Cryptocurrency Accessible to Everyone.

Created in 2017, Inbest Network aims to “unleash the future of investment” with its blockchain-based marketplace.

To most, cryptocurrency sounds like a very complicated concept. Maybe it’s because it combines two worlds that seem to require specialized knowledge: finance and technology. Basically, it refers to an electronic currency that can be transmitted using a special technology called blockchain (sort of a decentralized digital book that keeps a record of every transaction).

One Argentine startup hopes to change the esoteric image of cryptocurrencies and make the digital economy accessible to everybody. Created in 2017, Inbest Network aims to function as a marketplace for investors, institutions, and developers.

“I have always thought that there had to be an improvement and lower barriers to generate accessibility to cryptocurrency,” says Joan Cwaik, Inbest Network’s Chief Business Officer. He surely is an authority on this matter. Interested in disruptive technologies and innovation, Cwaik has been writing, speaking, and teaching about Bitcoin – the most famous cryptocurrency – for years.

Inbest Network connects investors, financial institutions, and developers hoping to “unleash the future of investment,” as the startup describes it. It was created by a group of Argentine entrepreneurs linked to the traditional financial world who started working with developers to build a blockchain-based marketplace that has its own cryptocurrency.

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Argentina, Saladillo
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