Have you wondered about who built the mountains, who firstly filled the oceans and who actually created the possibility of rain? Well, I love rainy days, because they are just amazingly filled with emotions and releasing what you have on your mind. I just love those days. I also love to ask questions about: Who created all of this?

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📷When you see a painting, you know that behind all the effort, there is a painter. The same with a piece of writing. A writer right? Well, you probably guessed where this is going and no it is not going all religious. The mountains have a creator and that, in my opinion, is not the big bang. We have the theory about the random big bang, some also think it is not a random and all of the pieces just ended up where they should. Well, I do not think any of this is true. I think we have a creator who connects everything.Lets first start with religion. Religion is a form of control, that is true. So why do I, knowing what religion is, talk about a creator? Am I insane? Not really. The typical stereotype of God is false. We created this human image of the bigger consciousness because we can't understand it fully. Well, I don't understand it either, but one thing for sure, he is not a human being. It is a soul. And all of this is in the bible. But the Catholic church refuses to stop us from worshipping the image behind it. Which is all false to be honest with you. Invented image to make us understand and to let the church control us. Making connections not with God, but with the CHURCH. Keep that in mind. The bible is not meant to be used for religious purposes. It was just taken out of context, inverted, somewhere changed, so some people can use it for their own benefit. We can't trust it as well. I mean yes, we have truth in it, but you should be able to see what is true and what is a total lie because some of it does not make sense. We also have some books removed so here we are in the middle of nowhere again…

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📷But I do believe there is a spiritual world coexisting with ours, so how can I prove it? It is all in the numbers. Have you noticed a pattern? A set of numbers always repeating. Like they are trying to tell you something. 11:11? 12:12? and so on… It is no coincidence. These are the guidelines for our soul. I did not believe it at first. What happened was that the day I met my girlfriend, I just strangely started seeing repeating numbers. I woke up at 11:11. When I randomly wanted to see the time, it was 16:16. Then it was 17:17 and we met. Is that possible if it was a coincidence? I highly doubt it. But you know, who is going to believe me, I am just a writer. I encourage you to pay attention to your numbers around you. Your patterns. The most common and first pair of numbers is 11:11. If you see that, just make a wish or watch around you for further clues of your life path.Your path is calling you everywhere. People sometimes know what to say and it is based on their intuition. What do I mean by that? Have you noticed that when you think about doing something, you sometimes hear answers from your friends or family, when you haven't said anything about it yet? An example with me, when I first thought about writing, I did not say anything to anyone. It was embarrassing for me because it just sounds strange. It was a big jump because before that I wanted to be a programmer and it all changed so quickly. So one day, I was out with a friend. We talked about a lot about the future of our lives and how we should do something productive. I said that I had something in mind and he just asked orare you writing or something. And it hit me. It hit me so hard in the head I was in shock. How did he know? Another example is when I had a conversation with two friends and I told them that I write and they asked: Are you writing poetry? I said no, I don't… but then after these questions, I started writing some in Bulgarian and I really like it. I was introduced to a new world, ready to be explored by me. You, dear reader. have the clues in your world around you. The people are guiding you through the set path by the intuition they possess.

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📷 Intuition is the key. When everything around you can mislead you, intuition cannot. It always shows you what you need to achieve to be happy. Really joyful by fulfilling the desires of the soul. How can you use your intuition? Really simple method. Go to a room where there are no distractions or simply remove all of them. Stay in complete silence and ask yourself, what do I want to achieve to be happy? What is my path? When you ask you will be given. You will know when you receive the answer. Just pay attention. Do not simply ignore your surroundings. Be on guard. Always.If you want to see the spiritual world, be more open-minded. Seeing it will require you to believe in it. When you see the beauty of God and of your own path, you will thank me. And as always, thank you for reading. Have a blessed day.

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